Louis Plung & Company’s Expert Roundup

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Louis Plung & Company’s Expert Roundup

Joseph Zovko, CPA
Partner, Audit & Assurance


If you are a non-profit organization, this doesn’t mean you cannot make a profit.  The organization should operate as a for-profit organization.  By reinvesting the excess funds, you will expand the organization and promote growth.

About Joe:

Joe has more than 25 years of experience in audits, reviews, compilations, and internal control engagements in the private, nonprofit and governmental sectors. His clients range in size from start-up companies to multi-billion dollar corporations.  His extensive industry experience includes real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, wholesale distributors, retail, and non-profit organizations. Joe joined in the firm in 2004 and was promoted to Partner in 2014.

Lindsay Andrews, CPA
Audit & Assurance  


Don’t make any employee irreplaceable.  In owning a business, you should understand all aspects of the business and not rely too heavily on one individual employee in any specific area.  When one employee has too much control over something, it not only leads to a chance for fraud to occur, but also to leave you feeling stranded if that employee were to leave your organization.  

About Lindsay:

Lindsay has 10 years of experience in accounting, tax return preparation, audits, reviews, and compilations. She works closely with non-profit organizations, construction companies, manufacturing companies, and various other small businesses to help them get the most value out of their auditing processes. Lindsay also provides employee benefit plan accounting and audit services. Lindsay joined the firm in 2015 as an Audit and Assurance Manager.

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